Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Water Use

Responsible water use

Water use at our generation facilities serves two major purposes: making steam and cooling. For the most part, steam systems are close-looped, i.e. the water is heated into steam, and subsequently condensed back into water and reused. Cooling water systems are similar but may draw from an external source and discharge back into that source. Some water is lost in the process through natural evaporation into the atmosphere, remaining in the water cycle.

Approximately 92% of Capital Power’s water is drawn from the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta and 72% is returned back to the river. Other water sources include municipal water and recycled water. Most facilities return water to their source in relatively the same quantity and quality as it was when taken from that source.

We are a member of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance - part of the Alberta Government’s Water for Life initiative.

Water withdrawals for plant operations

Our water withdrawals decreased in 2013 as a result of the sale of the New England natural-gas assets.

The Island Generation Facility is the single-largest power generation facility on Vancouver Island. The 275 MW, gas-fired combined-cycle power plant has an excellent operating history and was the first addition to the company’s fleet via acquisition.

Approximate Water Withdrawals and Discharges (Megalitres)

  2011 2012 2013
2011 water withdrawal and discharge statistics do not include water displaced by hydroelectric facilities. As of December 31, 2012, Capital Power did not own or operate any hydroelectric facilities.
Water Withdrawn 38,600 40,800 35,200
Water Discharged 29,000 32,600 23,600
Water consumed (withdrawal-discharge=consumption) 9,600 8,200 11,600

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