Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Fly Ash

Recycling fly ash at Genesee

Fly ash is produced as a byproduct from our facilities at Genesee, Roxboro and Southport. Fly ash from Genesee 1 and Genesee 2 can be used as an environmentally-friendly component in manufacturing concrete. Using one tonne of fly ash as a substitute for one tonne of Portland Cement in concrete reduces carbon dioxide emissions (a greenhouse gas) by approximately one tonne in the manufacture of Portland Cement.

At Genesee in 2013, just under 50% of the fly ash produced from Units 1 and 2 was sold for use in concrete production across western North America. Our goal is to sell 60% of the fly ash produced from Units 1 and 2 in 2014.

There was no sale of Genesee 3 fly ash in 2013. The concrete setting time is not adequate when using Genesee 3 fly ash due to the lime injection scrubber technology used to remove sulfur compounds. Work is underway to find a solution to this challenge. We believe a solution has been found and expect to sell about 10% of the total fly ash produced from Unit 3 in 2014.

Coal from the Genesee Mine generally contains more than 15% ash. Approximately 99.5% of the ash is recovered. Fly ash is sold to the cement industry for use as an additive in manufacturing of Portland Cement.

Ash Recycling and Disposal

Ash Recycling and Disposal (tonnes) - Ash volume

  2011 2012 2013
Ash volume created 1,300,000 1,226,000 1,372,000
Ash volume recycled 215,000 231,000 221,000
Ash volume land-filled 27,000 38,000 56,000
Ash volume mine-filled 1,058,000 957,000 1,095,000

Ash Recycling and Disposal (%) - Ash sold

  2011 2012 2013
Marketable fly ash sold (Genesee 1,2) 48% 49% 47%
Marketable fly ash sold (Genesee 3) 0% 0% 0%
Marketable bottom ash sold (Genesee 1,2) 0% 3% 4%
Marketable bottom ash sold (Genesee 3) 0% 0% 0%
Recycled ash sold (Genesee, all units) 17% 19% 17%

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